Wall Panels

We can save you time and money with wall panels constructed in our plant by highly-trained and efficient workers.

Wall panels will be in great need in the near future due to increased production of houses and apartments and a job site labor force that will be under trained and under manned to handle the work that needs to be done. At our plant wall panels are built in a controlled environment by highly trained and efficient workers. Window and door openings are installed exactly as required for the detailed information provided by the builder to the plant. Nailing patterns for sheathed walls are done automatically and comply with the building code requirements.

Imagine how much time and money you lose, when the windows don’t fit or the building inspector tells you that the nails used were too small or the spacing was too wide. You also have the advantage of controlled cost, since there is no waste, no theft of loose boards or mold on your wall panels. Higher quality and unmatched reliability mean wall panels are the wisest method of building now and in the future.

Save time and money with wall panels constructed in a controlled environment.

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