Red Shield

Protect your lumber from mold, warping, rot, termites, carpenter ants and fire.

Red Shield is an applied emulsion that protects the wood from mold, warping, rot, termites, carpenter ants and fire. We can provide you with coated lumber or coat your lumber. Red Shield can provide a fire-retardant certification for spruce and Douglas fir when requested prior to coating. Wood with Red Shield can be used as a sill plate with no further treatment. Red Shield has no effect on the strength of the wood unlike other pressure treating processes that can affect the strength in excess of a 10% reduction in capacity. One of the big advantages of Red Shield is that it protects the building from fire during the construction process or from fires inside the walls.

The fire-retardant certification requires that wood will not allow a flame spread over ten feet in the test chamber. Red Shield has passed this test and allows it to be used in five story frame construction with spruce or Douglas fir. Red Shield is a great choice in providing added value and protection to your home or apartment construction product.

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We can provide Red Shield to protect your lumber and add value without compromising strength.

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