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Design Service

Design service is the most difficult part of being a great provider of engineered wood products, trusses, and wall panels. Why is it so hard? The truss software is powerful, takes a long time to learn, but very much subject to garbage-in, garbage-out. A designer must have a discerning eye so that the input provides the correct output. Architects and engineers never provide every detail correctly and at best only do a quick scan to check the designs provided. It falls on the designer in the end to find things that don’t work and provide solutions. We are fortunate to have designers with many years of experience who have taught less experienced designers when to ask a question. With our large staff of designers, we provide guidance to the builder’s design staff throughout the development of each project. We frequently provide the layouts used for obtaining the building permit. The design step is critical with respect to time and execution and our large and very experienced staff deliver at the quickest and highest level.

Field Service

Our sales team members are the quarterbacks of the construction process. They meet with the builder to discuss the construction methods preferred and coordinate this with our designer assigned to layout and design the project. Our designer and sales team coordinate all aspects of the design with the architect and structural engineer, so the end product meets all the criterial established by the builder and the building code. Their work does not end with completion of the design. They frequently visit the job sites to assure that everything is being provided as needed and in the rare case that something needs to be repaired or a change in the field precipitates a change in our materials, he is there to coordinate what is needed. Dedication to an end result that serves our builder customers is something we take great pride in accomplishing on a day to day consistent basis.

We have the experience and knowledge to engineer your wood products and supply a solution if you have a problem in the field.

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